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Company Based Accent Reduction

Company Based Accent Reduction

Communication is the key to succeed in any career or business and oral communication is often more important that written communication.

The reason behind this is that oral communication is more personal and more impactful.

Company based accent reduction classes can help the employees, especially non-native English speakers, to understand their potential better and adjust themselves according to the company. Obviously, a company has a very homogenous environment and communication should be as flawless and standardized as possible.

An accent reduction coach can be of great help in this case. The employees will be divided in small group and each group will be directly assigned to a coach who will then understand the need of each of the participants and draft a plan that may help them in reducing their foreign accent. The groups may be based on the criteria as the company feels like but it is generally better to have a group that has similar foreign accents, so that the coach may easily work with the group.

The first responsibility of the coach is to provide speech training to the participants. They will be made to learn about the speed, rhythm, stress on the words, pauses and intervals in speech, as well as, pronunciation of words.

As can be seen, each participant will often have a ‘trouble spot’ where his speech doesn’t flow properly. The speech training provided in the accent reduction classes will help solve this issue as well.

Finally, the participants will learn a new American accent which helps them to communicate better with the native people and also feel more confident. The best part about these accent reduction classes is that unlike other training sessions, the focus is not only on business communication, but personal communication as well. The participants are not made to memorize a few pre-rehearsed lines. Instead, they learn to communicate in the accent more naturally. This helps them to handle more spontaneous situations in a better way or they would panic.

The English Language is not based on phonetics and it becomes difficult for non-native speakers to understand how to pronounce it properly.

Therefore, the speech training and accent reduction classes will greatly help the participants learn the most common words and phrases. Moreover, they are also able to understand the basics of oral communication in the language and especially in the American accent. This is again a very useful technique that will be helping the participants of the program react and speak more naturally in everyday situations.